Hello i am arsalan. information system student, i blog about cyber security, ctf writeup , web development , and more about tech. born and raised in indonesia , currently living in indonesia

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Bypassing seccomp BPF filter
Writeup Mobile Penetration Testing challenge wreckit CTF 2021
Sandbox 1 | redmask CTF 2020 Final
Reverse Engineering writeup | IDSECCONF 2020
BabyARM redmask CTF 2020
Writeup KKST TNI Angkatan Darat 2020
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Writeup Hology 3.0 CTF by Universitas Brawijaya
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Cyber Jawara 2020 Final
b01lers CTF bootcamp
Cyber Jawara 2020 Quals
Compfest 12 2020 CTF quals
Hacktoday IPB 2020 CTF final
Hacktoday IPB 2020 CTF quals
ret2csu ROPEmporium
Attacking AES ECB
Exploiting Format String bug
CVE-2019-16278 Hackthebox Traverxec Writeup