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Reverse Engineering writeup | IDSECCONF 2020

Reverse Engineering writeup | IDSECCONF 2020

12 December 2020, My team TNT has participated in the IDSECCONF CTF Competition, we ranked 11th since we have to prepare for 13 December 2020 (redmask CTF final). so we don’t have so much time to play there. on this CTF I solve some Reverse engineering challenge, in this post I will cover some rev challenge that I solve during the competition.


firstly unpack the binary using upx then jump to the cetak function

FLAG: flag{n00b_packer_printf_string}


another simple challenge, let’s set a breakpoint on

then run the binary on gdb, as you can see, our input AAAAAAAA is compared to a string ttynyxluuu

so the password is ttynyxluuu. now in order to print out the flag, we have to patch this binary from je 0x957 to jne 0x957

now just run the binary

FLAG: flag{Makann_la_B0oss_Que_eee}


this is the main function

the flag is on the sub_9AA function

after debbugging, i found that our input is compared to IAuthenticAMDX

this string comes from my cpu vendor_id since I use AMD machine my vendor is AuthenticAMD and the program is concated I and X. the server is using intel cpu, so the vendor_id is GenuineIntel so we can just append the string I and X, this is my full exploit

#!/usr/bin/env python2
    author : tripoloski 
    visit  : https://tripoloski1337.github.io/
    mail   : arsalan.dp@gmail.com
import sys
from pwn import *
context.update(arch="amd64", endian="little", os="linux", log_level="debug",
               terminal=["tmux", "split-window", "-v", "-p 85"],)
LOCAL, REMOTE = False, False

def attach(r):
    if LOCAL:
        bkps = []
        gdb.attach(r, '\n'.join(["break %s"%(x,) for x in bkps]))

def exploit(r):
    # attach(r)
    p = "IGenuineIntelX"

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv)==2 and sys.argv[1]=="remote":
        REMOTE = True
        r = remote("", 4000)
        LOCAL = True
        r = process([TARGET,])

FLAG: flag{ges3rin_sc0remu_0m}