Hello I am arsalan. Offensive Security Engineer, I blog about cyber security, ctf writeup , web development , and more about tech. born and raised in indonesia , currently living in indonesia

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Attacking AES ECB
Exploiting Format String bug
CVE-2019-16278 Hackthebox Traverxec Writeup
writeup virseccon ctf 2020
tracking corona virus using react.js
nullbyte poisoning angstromCTF 2020 bop-it writeup
Reverse engineering MIPS elf , babymips UTCTF 2020
Writeup CHRIST (Deemed to be University) CTF
Secure login facebook bountycon 2020
Return to libc attack
SigReturn Oriented Programming
Open Read Write shellcoding
Reverse engineering unity game
Reverse engineering lua bytecode inside an elf binary
Tcache Poisoning [heap exploitation]